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Party in the city with Bath music festival


Bath is well known for its calendar of festivals and the next one starts this week, Bath Music Festival begins on Friday 15th May, featuring a diverse range of events, musical genres and performances across 43 venues up to the

Here comes summer in the beautiful city of Bath


Life at Tasburgh House is always relaxed but never dull… Bath is such a vibrant city there is always something happening, a city of festivals and events, Arts and entertainment, eclectic shopping and lively café culture. Below is our list

Out with old and in with the new!


We’ve decided to treat our guests to further refurbishments and improvements to our small but beautiful Guest House.  

Hotel Inspector Calls


It’s now over 5 years since we had the pleasure (and pain) of being filmed by the hit Channel 5 Series ‘The Hotel Inspector’ who came to help me and my team put us back on the rails 

Top Value


We are over the moon to announce that the TripAdvisor community deem the Tasburgh to be the Top Value hotel in Bath.